Drabble and a Half and Other Stories

Yellow by Imke Rust

I move through the ether, weaving through words and thoughts until I become part of the fabric.  I am the darkness, the evil, the depression, the negative energy, the various and sundry names to label the same feelings.  I feed on it all, taking over and eliminating all manner of joy, happiness, cooperation, collaboration, assistance and aid.  The rich and powerful are the first to fall, the easiest to remove, for they worship god money and are already a step removed from humanity, human suffering, the lost.  The monks are harder, they control their minds, their emotions and do not see reality as others.  They reject materialism.  Artists are harder still, the creative types, for they straddle both worlds, craving attention yet settling inside themselves.  They play with muses, dancing in the dark, reflecting joy and darkness.  They use suffering to create.  Once the artists are removed the rest will crumble. 

Grim Reaper, artist unknown

Before the world ends, before I tear it asunder, I remain still in reflection for a self-portrait.  I know loneliness, sadness, isolation, desolation.  My scythe sliced through the joy with my envy.  My scythe cut down humanity in a digital age, given more social networks but less social skills, unable to communicate, unable to decipher meaning, intention, thoughts. Unable to connect.

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  1. Hudson Howl says:

    Dam! Good shtufff! So warm and upbeat -wink, wink.

    I read it without looking at the photo’s and yet I felt, I saw, I experienced. On some levels I saw myself and yet it did not scare me. I think there is good in darkness………just my feeling towards this.

    1. Very glad you liked it. It was just something that was floating around my thoughts this morning, that moment between sleep and wake. Sprinkled with a few conversation snippets.

      Darkness, despite what many want to believe, is not all bad. There is a reason for darkness, just as there is for light, and both is required for balance. Sometimes one dominates for a while, when needed, just as in any relationship. So, I have to agree, there is good in darkness.

  2. Without darkness there would be no light, and no art and no compassion because the darkness is what stirs it. Darkness is what drives men and women to create beauty. I wish the planet were a peaceful one. I wish Facebook would go away, all it does it give people a way to noncommunicate even more than before.

    Do you think if we had world peace and happy pills it would stifle creativity?

    1. I was on Facebook for a while and hated every minute of it. I only joined to keep in touch with my nieces while they were in college, but, ironically, everyone else posted to them but they never posted anything! It seems to be just another way to pretend to be popular, “look at all the pictures of me doing stuff and being popular with my millions of friends I don’t know.” It is just another way to put up a false image, to pretend to conform, to be happy, to be productive and popular but the reality is quite different.

      I don’t think world peace would stifle creativity but happy pills, yes, definitely. In the midst of some horrible depression I took happy pills of various kinds and was never as creative as without them. I hate to say that because they can be life savers for many people, but I really do feel they take away that part of yourself that is creative. Totally my opinion, of course, from my own personal experience but honestly, I felt that it was an artificial happiness.

    2. Hudson Howl says:

      ‘Do you think if we had world peace and happy pills it would stifle creativity?’ -nice thought but naw. There would always be that one subversive non-conformist who would secretly not take the ‘happy pills’ an a new form of artistic expression would break out.

      1. Hehehe… that makes me happy to think that! I’d like to think I’d be that subversive non-conformist but not sure that is ego, dream or just plain thinking too highly of myself.

      2. Hudson Howl says:

        I wouldn’t mind the company.

      3. The conversation would be fantastic!

  3. Carl says:

    This is so wonderful. I identify with the message, but more importantly, every word is perfectly placed. The drama of this is unstoppable.

    BTW – I take a lot of happy pills and I still live in the dark. I am sure I’d be dead without them. Sometimes, they make me even more stupid than I am, but that’s worth it.

    1. Thank you, always pleased when a fellow writer enjoys my writing!

      As for happy pills — I took various types, sometimes a combination, because they never really seemed to take away the depression completely. I did feel a little better, functional as far as work and other things, but never fully myself either. The side effects weren’t fun either. However, I needed them at the time and if I hadn’t taken them I know I would not be here today. So, I would never say they are worthless or someone should stop taking them. They helped me when I needed it. Unfortunately, they also made it much more difficult for me to express my creative side. I couldn’t even write in a journal because the words just seemed stuck in my throat. I used to tell my therapist that I felt like I was being choked. Luckily, I reached a point where I no longer need them and I am grateful.

  4. Carl says:

    Also, I love that piece by Imke Rust

    1. She has several pieces I like. That particular painting I have on my list for upcoming prompts but, well, I cheated and used it for myself a little early!

  5. I love your pieces. On the first, I love your apt descriptions of the rich and powerful, the monks, and the artists. The artist’s picture goes so well with your work. Are you sure you didn’t write this first and ask Imke Rusk to come up with her rendition? :)
    Also, your second one is powerful, too. So true about social networking. It isn’t all good and much of it is a replacement for things folks no longer do… isolation can be scary.
    Thanks for both pieces. Loved them both. Each got me thinking!

    1. No, her work inspired the little meanderings. I’ve wanted to write something for that picture for a while and I have plans to use it for Sunday Picture Press. She has several paintings I’ve wanted to use for Sunday Picture Press and/or inspire stories for me. I’m glad you enjoyed both stories as well as the artwork.

      The social networking piece is partially snippets of conversations I’ve had with people. Like much of technology, when used properly, it can help people live fuller lives. Unfortunately, it is all too easily used to isolate us further rather than strengthening connections. It is sad. Now, go check out Imke Rust, she has several pieces I think you’d like! :)

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