Photo Credit: Astropop
Photo Credit: Astropop

Woman, defined by others
children define mother
brothers define sister
parents define daughter

Husband defines wife

Woman, without others
defined by none
becomes nothing
without definition

Woman, without definition
becomes voiceless
worthless in a greater world
with narrow definitions

Of woman.

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  1. Grace says:

    Oh, the saving grace of the last line. One of the greatest things we can do as women – as humans – is to ensure that the only definitions we’re applying to ourselves are the ones we give ourselves. When we don’t (and I’ve struggled with this myself, being born in the 50s and all) we have a tendancy to define ourselves and our worth by what we do, not by who we are. Great piece. Nice to visit here again after so long.

    1. Yes, very true, and currently I’m struggling with a self-definition. The poem arose from this idea of how do I define myself, how do women, and men, define themselves.

      The thought that often men are described in ways other than the connection to others, such as by work or abilities, I couldn’t get out of my mind. Based on that societal idea, that women are described by connections to others whereas men more often for what they do, I wondered where I fit. As a societal definition, I am single and childless, both parents are gone, so I’m less defined. But my career switched dramatically a few years ago so, again, I’m less defined. Which leaves me struggling with my own personal definition now of “who am I?”

      Thanks for visiting again! I’ve been away for too long myself. I’m slowly returning :)

      1. Grace says:

        You are among some very good people, who also find themselves redefining their lives, and who they are. The times we live in are strange. The years keep rolling by and the seasons with them. I’m finding that old adage about knowing how to bend, so I don’t break, to be very helpful.

        What would happen if we didn’t feel the need to put labels on ourselves? Careers, children, marital status. Just a few of the possibilities, anyway. Maybe if we define ourselves by what we love, by our passions, we would be more helpful to ourselves.

        I don’t know about you, but it’s kind of hard to find my groove, back in the blogging world. It’s a very hit or miss situation. But I went into this thing a decade ago with just the desire to write for the pure joy and cathartic healing of the writing itself. When I remember that, I let go of the desire to recreate what I once had on the blog. It helps.

        I’ll be following…you take good care of yourself! xox

      2. I, too, am finding it hard to get back into that blogging groove. But, I like writing and in many ways it is therapeutic for me to blog so I will continue. It stopped being about racking up a large following a long time ago.

        I’ve never been into labels personally but I guess I’m grasping because I’m not sure what I like anymore, what I desire, where I belong… middle age perhaps, don’t know, but the shorthand of “labels” seems to exemplify the lack of everything else at the moment.

        Thanks for your thoughtful comments. Always appreciate it and I will be following you as well!

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